The Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) reported that after several calls to the Anonymous Complaints Center (0800 888 8080), members of the Anti-Drug Trafficking Police Force carried out an operation in the town of Estación Juárez Celman where they detained a subject and a woman, older than age, for violation of the National Narcotics Law.

The operation was carried out in a private house in the Ciudad de Los Niños neighborhood of the aforementioned town in the Colón department. The Provincial Police collaborated in the security of the outer ring to the dwelling.

At the scene, in addition to the closure of a drug sales point, Force investigators managed to seize several doses of cocaine, cash ($25,930) and items of interest to the cause. According to investigations, those apprehended would be a couple and administered a cocaine kiosk in front of the school. In turn, they used the modality of “delivery”.

The Prosecutor’s Office for the Fight Against Drug Trafficking of the First Shift, in charge of Dr. Milagros Rivas, ordered the transfer of those under investigation to the judicial headquarters for alleged sale of narcotics.

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