Three drug dealers from Villa Rumipal were arrested by the Anti-Drug Trafficking Police Force. 330 doses of cocaine, 157,510 pesos, two digital scales, a firearm, 32 38-caliber cartridges, two motorcycles, a car and items related to the case were seized.

The main person under investigation was an announcer for several radio stations in the area and was part of a quartet band. The other detainees were his partner and a friend of his. According to the FPA, drug dealers distributed drugs in Villa Rumipal, Villa del Dique, Embalse and Santa Rosa de Calamuchita.

“The Mobile Prosecutor’s Office for the Fight against Drug Trafficking of Río Tercero intervened in the operation, who ordered the transfer of those arrested to court for alleged violation of the National Narcotics Law No. 23,737,” reported the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Source: Public Prosecutor’s Office