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They arrested the girlfriend of the CFK attacker: what did she say?

The Argentine Federal Police arrested the girlfriend of Fernando Sabag Montiel, the man who tried to kill Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, on Sunday night. This is Brenda Elizabeth Uliarte, 23, who was present on Thursday night when the attack occurred.

The detention

Brenda was arrested at the Palermo station of the San Martín Train, by agents of the Department of the Anti-Terrorist Investigation Unit (DUIA). The arrest warrant was issued by Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti, after the investigation determined that on Thursday night she was in Recoleta together with your partner. The investigative measures that included the judicial interception of her telephone communications.

Who is Brenda Elizabeth Uliarte and what does she think?

Before being arrested, Brenda made a live broadcast on Instagram in which she showed her support for Javier Milei, condemned corruption and raised doubts about the weapon used. She also stated that she had not seen her boyfriend for several days before the attack, while the investigation determined that they were together at the scene.

The woman showed “strongly agree with the sentence of the deputy Javier Milei about “Politicians should not have privileges over the rest of Argentines”. Regarding the seized weapon, he stated: “Maybe it was a water gun. Who knows?. And they changed his gun for a real one and now he eats this bard ”.

After the live show on Friday, he stated, in a television interview with Telefe, that“I was puzzled” for what happened and that he had never seen the projectiles that they seized or the weapon in the house that they shared with Sabag Montiel. “Maybe he had them hidden”. And he added: “For me he was a cool person, who makes jokes, loving, a good person, I had not thought that he would be capable of something like that”.

Source: With information from Telefe

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