After 9 hours of negotiations, it was possible to proceed with the arrest of the subject who had taken his mother and a baby hostage and wounded a police officer. Around 4:30 p.m. this Saturday, ETER agents were finally able to enter the woman’s home and proceeded to arrest the man.

In the place were the prosecutor Fabiana Pochettino, the general director of the Northern Departments, Macos Derfler, and the head of Eter, commissioner Marcos Guevara. So far the identity of the detainee has not been released, nor was it reported if he has a record. as well as if he is under the influence of any substance or if he suffers from any type of disorder.

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What happened?

According to reports, the incident began to unfold after six in the morning when the young man’s mother called the police to alert that her son had taken her and her baby hostage. Police officers immediately showed up at the house located in the La Feria neighborhood. When the troops arrived, the subject began shooting from inside the house.

Faced with this situation, a Recommended Special Tactics Team (Eter) was present at the scene to negotiate with the man. In principle, the subject released the victims, but he remained a few more hours inside the house until the troops were able to arrest him.