The Airport Security Police detained this morning by order of Judge Marcelo Martínez de Giorgi the main referents of the far-right group Revolution Federal, including their leader, Jonathan Ezekiel Morel. The other two arrested are Leonardo Franco Sosa and Gaston Ezequiel Angel Guerra. Morel was captured in Munro, while Sosa fell in Villa Ballester and Guerra in Moreno.

The investigation of Martínez de Giorgi it is due to threats and initially his colleague María Eugenia Capuchetti had it because it was accumulated with the file where the attack with a weapon on the vice president near her home on September 1 is investigated past and for which four people have been arrested, the so-called “band of the copitos” for selling sugar flakes on public roads.

It should be remembered that in recent weeks, the vice president was accepted as plaintiff in the case which allowed him to access the file but also to propose investigative measures in parallel to that of the judge and prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita.

The investigation that was initiated by a complaint by the Federal Intelligence Agency is for threats directed at the vice president via social networks, but also audios exchanged in a live broadcast made on August 26, 2022 by the Federal Revolution group through the platform Twitter Space that was summoned with the title “Do we have to rot it?”.

As in the file of the attack that Capuchetti has, the Vice President is convinced that these groups did not act on their own but were financed and there is someone behind them who were never discovered or even reached by the investigation. For this reason, the case for the attack advances in this sense with four detainees who are about to go to trial, but the file tries to determine if they received financing from someone.