The 1st Shift Investigation Prosecutor of the City of Alta Gracia requests collaboration to find the whereabouts of 23-year-old Ian Tomás Valentín.

The young man has shaved hair on the sides and short at the top, is 1.78 meters tall, has a slim build, has a black star-shaped tattoo with the legend “facu” on his right shoulder.

Ian Tomás was last seen on January 30, 2023 at 10 p.m. in the Alta Gracia terminal. At the time of his disappearance He was wearing a black short-sleeved shirt with the legend fox on his front, jean pants, a gray jacket with a hood and a white hat, and a gray backpack. All information can be provided to the nearest police or judicial headquarters.

The authorities also ask the public for help to find the whereabouts of Keila Milagros Cristel Corpetariwho is missing from her Bell Ville home.