The singer L-Gante will go to oral and public trial for threatening a resident of the Moreno neighborhood with a firearm, in the western area of ​​Greater Buenos Aires, where he lives with his mother.

The incident took place last February in the Bicentennial neighborhood when, according to the neighbor, L-Gante rebuked him with a firearm and threatened him. The singer had received the version that that neighbor had climbed the roofs for the purpose of robbing his home where he shares with his mother and is even doing work to extend a few floors above.

L- Ghent will be tried for the crimes of threats aggravated by the use of a firearm. This despite the fact that the weapon was never found but only a replica was found in the house that he occupied until recently.

The singer’s partner, Tamara Báez, is also on trial for minor injuries due to the blows he gave one of the complainants, and Lourdes Medina, who was the manager of L-Gante.