Eduardo Casal, interim Attorney, asked the Supreme Court of Justice to reopen the investigation for alleged fraud with the purchase of future dollars during the government of Cristina Kirchner and to put the current vice president on trial. The file had been awaiting trial since he was filed in the Federal Oral Court 1 and before carrying out the process, it was dismissed. That decision also favored the former Minister of Economy Axel Kicillof and other former officials such as Agustín Pesce and Alejandro Vanoli.

The investigation had been carried out by Judge Claudio Bonadío based on a complaint by Federico Pinedo, considering that the authorization to carry out future dollar purchase operations during the government of Cristina Kirchner caused damage to the State in marketing a dollar price at a lower price.

The case went to trial and the Federal Oral Court 1 by majority rejected the dismissal, but the Federal Chamber of Criminal Cassation did allow and the trial came to nothing.

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The judges Diego Barroetaveña, Ana María Figueroa and Daniel Petrone acquitted the vice president and other defendants when considering that it was a non-judicial political issue: “The exercise of the aforementioned controls cannot justify that all the economic policy measures of the competent powers be subject to review, not of their legality but of their correctness or its opportunity, since this would imply substituting the constitutional organs that have their direct origin in the popular will for the predominantly technical criterion of the Judicial Power”, they maintained.

Furthermore, they said that there was no crime because there was no damage to the National State according to an expert opinion carried out in the case.

Casal thus requested that the vice president go to oral and public trial and that must now be defined by the Supreme Court of Justice. Not only Cristina and Kicillof had been denounced, but also Alejandro Vanoli, Sebastián Andrés Aguilera, Bárbara Domatto Conti, Mariano Beltrani, Juan Miguel Cuattromo, Miguel Ángel Pesce, Guillermo Mario Paván, David René Jacoby, Cristian Alexis Girard, Germán David Feldman. and Alejandro Formento.

Source: Argentine News