Four months after making their romance official, they assure that Rodrigo De Paul would announce his separation from Tini Stoessel to prioritize his sports career. Especially after the controversies he has been involved in recently, due to his appearances in the media, his problems with Camila Homs, his ex-wife, and his late incorporation into Atlético Madrid training for accompanying his girlfriend to an awards ceremony.

“This is bringing De Paul more problems than expected. From what the sports commentators tell me, in recent games he was not taken into account at Atlético Madrid, and the leaders of that club would be angry. But what What worries the most is that the Qatar World Cup is coming, “revealed Guido Záffora in It’s out there. However, the journalist maintained that the announcement would not be imminent, but that the Argentine National Team player would wait until his participation in the World Cup ends to make his decision public and thus avoid the media siege.

This is not the first time that it is rumored that the athlete wants to end his courtship. Without going any further, in August Tini attended the last installment of the Gardel Awards and when asked if she was in love, she simply replied that she was “very well” and that she loves the footballer with “all her heart”. And that lack of definition triggered all kinds of speculation.