“After eight years together, we decided to separate and give this family another shape, maintaining friendship and love for our children that will unite us forever. I hope you know how to understand and respect this family moment. Thank you,” was the message with which Zaira Nara confirmed her breakup with Jakob Von Plessen, the father of her children Malaika and Viggo. Hours later, details about the end of the couple came to light.

The model had admitted that last year a strong crisis had been triggered between them, as a result of the businessman’s complicity with Mauro Icardi in his meeting with China Suárez in Paris. And although she denied any separation, they came to link her with the polo player Facundo Pieres, something that aroused Jako’s jealousy.

“Do you remember that Zaira had been linked to a polo player? That’s not such a lie, they tell me. And Jakob had found out because he had put a microphone in a part of the house and heard them talk (Zaira and Wanda)” revealed Pampito Perelló in Mañanísima. And he added: “It seems to me that she began to do hers for him, because he had sent the baton first. When Mauro Icardi came out with China Suárez, he was the one who made Mauro’s shrimp, because he the two of them had been left alone. And Jakob would also have gone out with a girl…”.

According to the journalist, when Zaira discovered that her husband was listening to their private conversations, she was furious. “The two of them had a tremendous discussion. I didn’t tell it at the time because they were together. Sometimes you have to have respect and you have to protect, you don’t have to tell everything you find out because it can hurt a lot,” he explained.