Since she separated from Santiago Mocorrea, her last formal boyfriend, Lali Esposito made it clear over and over again that she was not going to bet on a monogamous relationship again and that she is not looking for a partner either. However, in recent days she was involved in rumors of romance with a young Argentine singer.

Who is the artist in question? None other than Valentín Oliva, popularly known as Wos, who has just consecrated himself at the 2022 Gardel Awards with six statuettes, including that of the highest category, Album of the Year, for Dark Ecstasy. “He was at Lali’s show the weekend and then there is a photo of the two very caramelized, very close together,” journalist Guido Záffora revealed. “They hugged each other and there’s ‘chaca chaca’ energy there,” he added mischievously.

A not minor detail is that exactly a year ago, the rapper was singled out as the third in discord in the separation of China Suárez, a close friend of Lali, and Benjamín Vicuña. However, none of the protagonists of the rumor came out to deny or confirm it. The truth is that Wos attended one of Esposito’s concerts and showed it on his social networks.