This afternoon the Police of the Province of Córdoba announced that a major raid was carried out in a house in Barrio Villa Esquiú. More than 170 cell phones were seized in the procedure. After this fact, the District 4 Turn 6 Prosecutor’s Office summons victims who have suffered the theft of their cell phones in the northwest area of ​​Córdoba for recognition, specifically in the Chateau neighborhood area,

Interested parties must go to Judicial Units 1 or 22, taking with them the proof of their complaints or with the necessary information to make them in the dependencies.

Judicial unit number 1 is located in the Centro neighborhood, on Calle Balcarce 251. Tel. 4332647/8 – 4481016 Int. 34001.

While the judicial unit number 22 is located in the Las Palmas neighborhood, on Duarte Quirós 3951 street. Tel.: 4333403/04 – 4481016 Int. 34401