This Wednesday, November 16, two marches will be held practically simultaneously in Córdoba capital and in Mina Clavero. Friends, relatives and colleagues of Alejandra, Alexa and Marina called on the public to join two demonstrations to request the resignation of Oscar González from his seat in the Legislature.

In Cordova They will be concentrated at the intersection of Colón and General Paz, with mobilization to the Legislature. In Clavero Mine It will be from the entrance roundabout to Plazoleta Merlo.

It should be remembered that González only resigned from his provisional presidency of the Legislature, and is on leave until May 2023.

Wednesday of last week the two replacements for González in the Legislature were sworn in: Nadia Fernández took on the role of the presidency of the body, and Noelia Brizuela held her seat for Hace por Córdoba.

They call for two marches this Wednesday to ask for the resignation of Oscar González • Channel C