The victim, and complainant, is a pregnant woman. The local Municipality will be the plaintiff in the case.

A doctor from the mountain town of Villa Carlos Paz was charged by the local Justice as the alleged perpetrator of “sexual abuse without carnal access,” judicial sources reported.

The Prosecutor for Instruction in the town of Valle de Punilla, in charge of Jorgelina Gómez, decided to charge the professional, a gynecologist who provides services at the Sayago Hospital and works as a police doctor. The man was identified as Gabriel Sanchez.

In this regard, prosecutor Gómez said that “the complaint was made by an adult woman and that after that the corresponding measures were ordered to investigate the facts.”

Meanwhile, the local site El Diario de Carlos Paz published words that the young complainant expressed on her social networks, among which she said that the doctor received her in the office with compliments. During this story, the woman claimed that the gynecologist “squeezed her breasts” and told her “they are beautiful.”

“All this felt that it was not part of my control, my doctor never made me show him my breasts and he did not lower my pants to the height that he lowered them,” lamented the victim. The pregnant woman had to attend a routine control, typical of her condition, and she could not be received by her usual doctor, so the control was left to Sánchez.

The doctor was charged, but was not arrested, while the Secretary of Health of the Municipality of Villa Carlos Paz, Julio Niz, made the corresponding complaint and the municipality will also be a plaintiff.

Source: Carlos Paz Vico, Télam