After several months of effective investigations by the Anti-Drug Trafficking Police Force they managed to disrupt a drug sales point and arrest a family for engaging in drug dealing in the Villa del Prado commune. The operation was carried out on Ñoño de Giorgio street at 300 in the Parque San Juan neighborhood, in the commune of the Santa María department.

After a search of the house, narcotic detection dogs managed to find drugs in various rooms. In total, the seizure of 182 doses of marijuana, cannabis sativa plants, money and items related to the fractionation of illicit substances was achieved.

Father, mother and son were apprehended in the operation. They marketed in a wide range of hours and customers came from neighboring neighborhoods, from Alta Gracia and neighboring towns.

The Third Shift Anti-Drug Trafficking Prosecutor’s Office ordered the transfer of the detainees to court for violation of the National Narcotics Law No. 23,737.