The autopsies of two of the babies who died in the Neonatal Maternal Hospital determined that the cause of death was the excessive supply of potassium, whose overdose causes cardiac arrest. In addition, it was learned that the substance was intentionally injected.

In this way it was confirmed that the last two newborns on June 6 died due to hyperkalemia. The researchers stated that “toxic substances incompatible with life were detected” in the small bodies.

It should be remembered that so far there is only one person detained and three other former directors of the hospital accused of “omission of the duty of a public official.” Brenda Argüello, 27, is accused of committing murder by insidious procedure. The mother of the accused referred to the facts and He asserted that his daughter “had no contact with the babies but with the mothers”. However, a co-worker of Argüello indicated that the woman was in contact with the newborns.