Despite the fact that he was disqualified for 14 years from practicing medicine, Spiro Dellisanti was working in a dispensary in the city of Río Primero when he sexually abused a 17-year-old girl who consulted for abdominal pain. The complaint was filed in August 2021.

The investigation has determined that the accusation is genuine, and that the abuse existed: “after gathering all the evidence, it has been duly proven that this person ended up sexually abusing a minor with carnal access,” said the attorney for the victim, Carlos Nayi.

The accusation is “sexual abuse with carnal access”. Nayi indicated that the defendant “proclaimed himself innocent and tried to install a doubt at the public level, but the evidence spoke and demolished the lying strategy of Spiro Dellisanti, who has been convicted multiple times by the Justice for crimes over these 15 years.”

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It should be remembered that Dellisanti, known by many as the “abortion doctor”, has many sentences on his criminal record for various crimes committed in the last twenty years. Precisely, he was denounced and convicted of shooting a policeman in the face, performing clandestine abortions in inhuman conditions and falsifying a document by having registered a baby as his own. He went through jail four times.

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