Another patient attacked by bilateral pneumonia of unknown origin died this Wednesday in the province of Tucumán, the local Ministry of Health officially reported, bringing the number of fatalities reported for this cause to two.

Through a statement, the provincial health portfolio said that “this is a male patient, 45 years old, with comorbidities, who had been hospitalized at the Eva Perón hospital since the 21st of this month.”

The ANLIS-Malbrán, where the registered cases in Tucumán are analyzed, also issued a statement in which it explained that “the registered cases correspond to five health workers and a patient from a private sanatorium who started symptoms between 18 and 22 August”, while confirming the second death.

“The six cases presented bilateral pneumonia, two of them died, three are hospitalized and the rest is in good health in home isolation,” added the ANLIS-Malbrán.

The Minister of Public Health of Tucumán, Luis Medina Ruiz, confirmed the appearance of an outbreak of bilateral pneumonia in six patients, of whom one died on Monday and another on Wednesday.

The cases “have already been investigated for Covid, flu, influenza A and B, hantavirus and a panel with FilmArray to rule out 25 germs, giving all this negative,” reported the head of the Tucuman Health portfolio.

“Possibly it is an infectious etiological agent and we must demonstrate that and find out what it is,” said Medina Ruiz, before the second death, adding that since last August 22 there have been no new patients with this condition.

The provincial official asked the population for peace of mind and pointed out that “the situation is under control, the patients are hospitalized, isolated and there is strict monitoring by our teams in coordination with the hospitals and sanatoriums where they are located.”

The Minister of Health reported that “the samples taken have already been sent to Malbrán and we are waiting for the results. It is very likely that before the weekend we will have some answer and, if it is before, we will inform you.”

He also warned that they continue “investigating in terms of the environment, since we do not want to rule out any etiology.”

“Among the possible causes are, of course, infectious and others that are toxic or environmental, that is why we are analyzing the water, air conditioning discharges, that is, other situations that generate similar episodes,” added Medina Ruiz.

And he added that “what these patients have in common is the severe respiratory condition with bilateral pneumonia and compromise in images very similar to Covid, but that is ruled out.”

He also said that he maintained communication with the Nation’s Health Minister, Carla Vizzotti, “who is aware of what is happening and offered her support in terms of teams of experts if required.”

The minister recalled that one must continue “using a mask, performing hand hygiene, drinking water consumption and washing food from cans or containers.”

He also asked society “to always look for official versions and information.”