Finally, the body found in the area of ​​Salto Bosetti, in the Iguazú Falls, belongs to the Canadian tourist who had been missing since last Monday. This was confirmed today by the municipal director of the Iguazú Tourism Entity, Marcelo Gione.

The official explained that it is a 60-year-old Canadian tourist who had checked into a hotel in the city of Puerto Iguazú.

“Indeed, yesterday we learned from photos and videos that they sent us that the body belongs to the person who had jumped in. It is an unfortunate fact, it is now in the hands of Justice to investigate under what circumstances that person fell into the water,” the official remarked.

And he added: “It is necessary to act with prudence until the Justice can determine the true causes of the accident.”

It had transpired that the tourist fell while trying to take a picture. Therefore, now Justice will investigate if the man fell taking a picture or if he tried to commit suicide.

The body was found by employees of a company that conducts nautical tours in the area. The body was in the vicinity of the Tancredo Neves bridge, which joins the cities of Puerto Iguazú and Foz do Iguazú, located on the Brazilian side.