During the long weekend, multiple police checks were carried out on the route. One of them was carried out in the city of Mendoza, and was in charge of the National Gendarmerie, there the troops discovered a man from Córdoba who was transporting a millionaire figure inside his vehicle. Although at first there was talk of a supposed public official, it was learned that these data were erroneous and that in reality it was a well-known merchant from Río Cuarto.

In principle, the subject was not detained, but since he could not justify the origin of the money, he was kidnapped and left at the disposal of the Federal No. 1 of Mendoza, who is in charge of the investigation.

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The merchant is 38 years old and appears in the Afip records as registered for the sale of clothing, footwear, bazaar and food. One of the premises owned by him would be a clothing store in a shopping center in this city. In addition, a subsidiary of that same franchise would be exploited by his brother in Río Tercero.

Now the man is being investigated for money laundering, although he could also be charged with tax evasion. Although if he manages to prove the lawful origin of the money seized by order of the Justice, he could recover those values.

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The kidnapping of the money occurred within the framework of a National Gendarmerie operation at kilometer 15 of National Route 142, in the province of Mendoza. There, the security force found 55,540 dollars, 4,600 euros, 300 reais and 24,351,600 Argentine pesos (a total of more than $33 million at the official exchange rate) inside the truck he was driving to Córdoba.