The national government confirmed the fourth and last increase for retirement, pensions, the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) and other allowances paid by the National Social Security Administration (Anses).

As announced by the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, and the head of Anses, Fernanda Raverta, the increase will be 15.6 percent. Also I know confirmed a bonus of 10 thousand pesos for those who charge the minimum and another sum of $7000 for those who receive an amount equivalent to two minimum salaries.

This rise will have an impact in December, according to the mobility formula, as happened previously in the months of March, June and September.

These will be the main changes:

  • Minimum retirement: $60,115 (due to increased mobility, it reaches $50,115.65 + $10,000 bonus).
  • The maximum retirement: $336,553.
  • The universal benefit for older adults (PUAM): $40,092.
  • Non-contributory pensions (PNC): $35,081.
  • The Universal Child Allowance (AUH): $9,792.
  • The Universal Pregnancy Allowance (AUE): $9,792.
  • The SUAF system child allowance: $9,792.

In this regard, Massa recognized that the rise in prices “became a very big problem for the vast majority of Argentines, but especially for retirees and pensioners.”

“The focus when making this decision is on building a bridge to try that, while we work on the macroeconomic variables to try to lower inflation, we can follow a path of recovery of income for our retirees and retirees,” said the minister in Thursday’s press conference.

It should be remembered that the previous increases for retirees, pensioners and AUH beneficiaries were: 15 percent in March, 12.28 percent in June and 15.58 percent in September.