The Superior Court of Justice (TSJ) reported that, through Agreement No. 1786, it creates the Single Registry of Transvestite, Transsexual and Transgender Applicants, with the antecedent of Law 27,636 promoting access to formal employment “Diana Sacayan – Lohana Berkins”. It expresses the agreement that the initiative seeks to promote real equality of opportunities and that it is a way of generating positive action measures aimed at achieving the effective labor inclusion of this group of people.

For the implementation of the measure, the high body delegates in the Human Resources Area the procedure of summoning those who integrate the Single Registry, as well as the maintenance of the lists. It expresses the specific objective of removing those obstacles that have prevented or made it very likely difficult to comply with the usual requirements that are demanded of those who aspire to enter the Judiciary. At the end of the note there is a link to the form to request registration.

Requirements to register

• Be of legal age.

• Be a person whose gender identity is transvestite, transsexual or transgender as established in article 2 of Law 26,743

(Definition. Gender identity is understood as the internal and individual experience of gender as each person feels it, which may or may not correspond to the sex assigned at birth, including the personal experience of the body. This may involve the modification of bodily appearance or function through pharmacological, surgical or other means, as long as it is freely chosen (also includes other expressions of gender, such as dress, speech and manners).

• Be a student of the Law career with at least six (6) final exams passed or be a graduate of that career with a university level and an official title.