The ARI Civic Coalition filed a criminal complaint this afternoon against the former Minister of Health of Córdoba, Diego Cardozo, for aggravated cover-up in the cause that led to the death of five babies in the Neonatal Maternal Hospital.

The complaint was signed by the president of the party, Dr. Gregorio Hernández Maqueda, and the legislators of the same space Leonor Martínez Villada and Cecilia Irazuzta.

“According to resolution 1241/01 of the Ministry of Health, it is mandatory to notify the Ministry of Health of the death of any child under one year of age, for which former Minister Diego Cardozo would have also incurred in a poor performance of the functions of a public official by not having made the pertinent judicial complaints in a timely manner, given that Diego Cardozo himself claimed to have been aware of the deaths,” a statement said.

In a fragment of the complaint filed, it is recited that “like any investigation against an official of the provincial PJ, little progress was made.”

“At this point it is necessary to dwell on the actions of the prosecutor Dr. José Bringas, who received the complaint in 2018. And today we regret, with deep pain, the consequences that the prosecutor Bringas did not advance with the investigation and sanction of those responsible and Governor Juan Schiaretti who, knowing and being responsible for the illicit and abusive actions of his then secretary, promoted him to minister”, he adds.

In the same brief presented, the prosecutor Raúl Garzón was asked to take into account the complaint made previously by the same space to Cardozo himself, who was then serving as Secretary of Assistance Services of the Ministry of Health, by memorandum No. 2/2018 that the Secretariat that he himself titled, he sent to each director and deputy director of the 42 provincial hospitals requesting “that all the information related to the activities of all the sectors of the Ministry of Health, including not only the journalistic notes in any media, but also the training courses and dissertations, among other activities, are previously sent to the Secretary in charge at that time of Dr. Cardozo and to the central press area”, according to the complaint.

“Clearly we see that what we denounced in 2018 had a reason for being. What before we did not understand the reason for the measures that Cardozo took, today we see clearly: it was a media gag so that no one would find out about the havoc they were doing in the health system of the people of Cordoba”, specified Gregorio Hernández Maqueda .