The Anti-Corruption Office (OA) criminally denounced the former Security Minister Patricia Bullrich and the former Macrista Chief of Staff Marcos Peña for alleged directing in a purchase of security systems for border crossings in 2016.

The complainants said that It was an irregular tender in which the Government of Together for Change (JxC) would have opted for the most expensive option to the detriment of the state coffers for 5 million dollarsamong other irregularities.

“There are no doubts regarding the will of the then Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, and the Secretary for Coordination, Planning and Training of said Ministry, Alberto Fernando Föhrig, to favor the winning firms to the detriment of the public administration,” says the presentation. of 26 pages that the OA presented before the justice, informed sources of the organism.

They were also denounced, like Bullrich, for the crimes of “breach of the duties of a public official and fraudulent administration to the detriment of the public administration” the former chief of staff of Mauricio Macri, Marcos Peña, and the former officials Gerardo Milman (current national deputy of Together for Change) and Fernando Albert Fohrig.

In that letter, detailing the operation step by step, the agency noted that “the numerous administrative irregularities described confirm the decision to act for the benefit of the IAI-ELTA/Rafael Ltd. consortium in a swift and expeditious manner, not worrying for even better concealing the maneuver”.

That “maneuver”, according to the OA, It consisted of directing the purchase of security systems for border crossings to a company to which Cambiemos paid 35 million dollars, 5 million more than what the other competitors offered in the tender..

Source: Telam