Several dates stipulated by INDEC to publish reports in the coming months were modified in the last few hours, and the agency republished the calendar. Although there are four dates that suffered slight modifications, the one that attracted the most attention was the of the inflation data for April, which was originally scheduled to be released on Friday, May 12, but was postponed until the following Monday, May 15.

In June there was also a transfer from Friday the 23rd to Wednesday the 28th of Report on Sales in Supermarkets, Wholesalers and Shopping Centers. In this case, it goes to Wednesday because Monday the 26th already has three other scheduled reports.

In Octoberhe Trade Balance Report it goes from Friday the 20th to Monday the 23rd, because Sunday the 22nd will be the general elections. meanwhile, in November the Report on the Trade Exchangel, because a possible ballotage would take place on Sunday the 19th, in the event of a tie in the October generals.

The measure was harshly questioned by opposition leaders to the national government, since many consider that the modification based on the elections was not accidental (the original date took place two days before the elections take place in Salta, Tucumán and Tierra del Fuegoon Sunday, May 14).

On their social networks, Horacio Rodriguez Larretathe current Buenos Aires head of government and pre-candidate for the presidency, pointed out that “The inflation in April was dramatic. The responsibility lies entirely with the national government. They will be able to hide it, disguise it or hide it as they have done with so many other problems. But never again will the bad governments be able to deceive the Argentines. We are going to change this too “.