Last weekend, a young woman denounced on Twitter that she had suffered discrimination in a bowling alley in Nueva Córdoba. It is “Le Parc”, located on Avenida Vélez Sarsfield at 753. Lucía she assures that she was not allowed to enter the establishment, despite having paid a deposit when reserving the tickets.

The teenager explained that, after paying, they asked all her friends for Instagram users. Once they arrived at the place, one of the managers told them that they did not appear on the list, and that they should contact the person who had made the reservation or else they would get their money back.

Later, he said that the security man took out of his pocket the money that corresponded to the group of friends and they were kicked out of the bowling alley. “The moment they put us through was horrible, they asked us for Instagram to harass us and see if we fit the profile to enter that place”the young woman exclaimed.

Finally, he asked that the Municipality take some kind of precautions to avoid this type of discrimination in dance venues.