The procedure to obtain a permit to build used to take up to nine months, now it will be reduced to just 15 minutes. The new platform will allow for Technical Report, Building Permit, Work Progress, End of Work and Conform to Work procedures, 100% online.

The mayor of the city, Martín Llaryora, presented the new Digital Private Works Platform, which will allow for Technical Report, Building Permit, Work Progress, Work Completion and Conform to Work procedures, 100% online, paperless and from any mobile device connected to the internet.

Through it, it will be possible to obtain the Automatic Building Permit for type 1 works, which includes single-family homes of up to 1,000 square meters, homes of up to four functional units and up to 600 square meters, and businesses of up to 250 square meters.

The Digital Private Works Platform was made available to the public after a testing stage that lasted six months. During this period, 234 procedures were carried out and 69 building permits were delivered.

The process no longer requires papers or personal assistance to public offices and is now reduced to the online presentation of documents, which are presented as a Sworn Statement by the professional responsible for the work and also allows the payment of corresponding fees and rights. in electronic form.

The Secretary of Urban Development, Daniel Rey, stressed that “this system will allow us to quickly approve 80 percent of the procedures that are carried out in the Municipality and the CPCs. And it will also be beneficial for more complex works, because we will be able to allocate more time and resources to speed them up”.

The presentation, held at the 6 de Julio Palace, was attended by the professional associations of architects, engineers, master builders, university construction technicians, chambers representing the construction sector