Consultants estimated that inflation for April was in the range that goes from 4.8% to 5.5%, which indicates a slowdown compared to March, although at high levels, higher than those of last year. This was indicated today by Focus Market, which is directed by the economist Damian Di Pace and T&C, by Camilo Tiscornia. “In April, inflation slowed down but still with a very high floor above 5.5%” explained Di Pace who maintained that “in the case of Food and Beverages it is located at 5.9%”.

For his part, Guido Sandleris, former president of the Central Bank, projected an annual inflation of 70%. Within the framework of María Eugenia Vidal’s visit to the province, Sandleris, current director of the Institute of Economic Studies of the Córdoba Stock Exchange, maintained that inflation is the “main problem” of the people.

In addition, the economist criticized the Government of Alberto Fernández and argued that it is not possible to continue “spending more than what is received from income. Those are the limits of this Kirchnerist fantasy model, which increases public spending and finances it with monetary issue. That does not work; the economy ends up stagnant, inflation is growing and international reserves are depleted”.

Source: NA, The Nation