From the Municipality of Córdoba they reported that through surveys and attention to neighbors’ claims, the cleaning of garbage dumps in the city was deepened. In this way, during the month of May, 13,364 tons of waste were extracted, distributed among macro (8,426), micro dumps (3,903) and city canals (1,035). The waste was dumped in public spaces where waste is dumped illegally.

So far this year, 70,005 tons have already been collected and it is estimated that by the end of 2022 the record figure of 152,401 reached in 2021 would be exceeded.

To clean these surfaces, a 2 m³ loader and three 25 m³ dump trucks were used for each of the five zones into which the city is divided. Meanwhile, for the works carried out on Costanera Avenue, a skid steer loader and three smaller dump trucks operated.

Regarding the cleaning of the canals in the north and south of the city, work was carried out with a backhoe loader, a skid steer loader, a 6 m³ truck and another 25 m³ pan, in addition to four operators who carried out weeding and cleaning tasks in manually.