Family and friends of the adolescent Joaquin Sperani They desperately ask for collaboration from the public to find their whereabouts. The young man is 14 years old and was last seen on Thursday, June 29 around 4:00 p.m. at the IPEM school No. 278 Malvinas Argentinas in Laboulaye.

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At that time, he was wearing a T-shirt from the educational institution, a gray diver, a black warm jacket, light blue smoked pants, and brown suede sneakers. She was wearing a black backpack in which she had her tools. Joaquin He has a slim build, an approximate height of 1.75 meters, short dark brown hair, white complexion.

According to the testimony of the student’s tutor, he was not in his classroom at the time of roll call, although his bicycle was later found in the school yard.

The family and the authorities request that any information be provided to their cell phones (3385597392, mom | 3385435839, dad) or with any nearby police station. This Saturday at siesta a march was held in front of the Laboulaye Police headquarters to ask for the appearance of the boy.

This Sunday according to the local media LV20 Radio Laboulaye, The adolescent’s body was found in an abandoned house at 480 Sarmiento Street, Dairo corner, 100 meters from the corner of the school he attended.