The Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAF) identified the remains of a woman who was murdered by the last Argentine military dictatorship. This is María Angélica Mellace, kidnapped on November 15, 1976 during an operation by military forces in La Plata.

The woman would have been 32 years old, was an administrative employee, and it is estimated that she was murdered in 1978. At the moment, no recorded testimonies of survivors who have seen her in a clandestine center have been found.

In the identification report made by the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team, it is stated that according to the records of the Chascomús Municipal Cemetery the body of the unidentified person was buried in that cemetery on January 25, 1979. It has been proven that on January 19 of that year the discovery of the body in the town of Gándara was reported by telephone.