After the announcement of a renewed Fair Prices and the agreements for the school basket, the Ministry of Economy announced a new agreement to contain increases in meat. The announcement comes one day before INDEC releases the Consumer Price Index (CPI) data in January, the first of 2023 and, according to various private consultancies, it will be close to 6%.

As explained by the Ministry of Economy, the program aims to promote the production of beef affected by the drought, as well as the “bank-based marketing of sales and access to consumers at affordable prices and with a path of predictable prices.”

For this reason, it joined Precios Justos seven cuts at differential prices that will be maintained until March 31 and then these cuts will have a cap of 3.2% increase until June 30. As indicated from the Palacio de Hacienda, these cuts enter with an average of 30% less than their current price

The seven cuts of meat are roast, rump, matambre, vacuum, skirt, shoulder and roast tapa.