Leaving a tip when consuming in gastronomic establishments is a very globalized custom, which is even mandatory in some countries (it appears as an additional “service” in the final bill), and there are places where, although it is not mandatory, it is very frowned upon. do it. It is usually around between 10% and 20% of the payment of what is consumed.

In Argentina it is not so installed and it is optional, but there are many people who do have the habit. Especially since the work of the waiters tends to have low wages, and many times the workers make “the difference” of the night thanks to the tips.

In recent days, the exposure of a Cordoba girl who showed on the TikTok social network that she had served a table of 17 people in the bar where she works went viral. Maira Alexandra, under the user @antireflexx, showed the final ticket of the consumers. “I attended a table of 17 people and I’m going to show you the ticket. They drank 14 beers and 3 sodas nothing else, they spent a total of $70,400″the young woman recounted. In addition, the receipt shows that they also consumed food under the name of “dinner”.

Thus, Maira continued to report that after giving the bill to the customers, they went to the box one by one to pay their part. It was then that they gave him a wad of bills. “There I show you what they gave me. They left 15 pesos per person”he expressed. That is equivalent to 255 pesos. “I laugh because if I don’t I have to start crying”Maira closed.

Social networks were filled with comments of all kinds. Some highlighting that, on the one hand, in other areas such as doctors or lawyers, tips are not paid, and on the other, that since tips are not mandatory, diners do not have to leave extra money than they paid for their consumption. “But do you live on the tip or do you live on your salary? Because as far as I know the tip is optional, if the place has waiters, the waiters charge”, they pointed.

However, others empathized with the young woman and stressed that many times these wages “are not enough” and the waiters really need a tip. “Your tip is a gesture of gratitude for the service, and gratitude is a virtue of a more empathetic society”; “Sometimes leaving a small tip is symbolic in demonstration that they were treated badly, hey, you deserve 10 pesos”others pointed out.

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