A boy from Mexico went viral on the Tik Tok social network thanks to his reaction to opening one of his Christmas gifts on December 25. Mati’s mother, owner of the @ornellasepulveda account, recorded the tender scene.

In the video you can see how the baby receives a large and oval wrapped gift. “Open that Mati” is heard saying, and when the boy opens the present, he discovers that it is a watermelon. Just what I asked for! he exclaims, while he jumps and thanks: Thank you Santa!.

His mother accompanied the video with the phrase “It fills my heart that with a little you are so happy… I love you my little one! In a few hours the video added more than a million views, almost 80 thousand ‘likes’ comments and 290 comments.Among the messages you can read a lot of support for the simplicity of the child and other anecdotes of girls who asked for “the simplest”.

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Look at the video!