Judges Ángel Amadeo Longarte, María Gabriela González and Pablo Farah, members of Chamber II of the Court of Trial of the city of Salta, sentenced Micaela Noemí Colque (25), the woman who locked up her daughter, to life in prison on Thursday. two years in a room for at least 48 hours and left her to starve. The autopsy also confirmed that the girl had bruises on her body. That is why she was found guilty of the crime of homicide aggravated by the bond.

The crime occurred on June 22 in the early hours of the morning, when the aggressor approached a hospital in the San Francisco Solano neighborhood where she lived, with her completely unconscious daughter. Colque tried to argue that the minor had choked on yogurt and cookies, but after the medical examination, it was found that she no longer showed signs of life and that she had suffered abuse.