The Argentine forensic anthropology team has confirmed the identification of the remains of a fallen soldier in Malvinas, the soldier in question is the second corporal of the Prefecture, Jorge Eduardo Lopez. With this brand new revelation, there are already 121 Argentine casualties in the war for the Malvinas who managed to be identified thanks to the Humanitarian Project Plan.

How did the corporal die?

Jorge Eduardo Lopez was only 19 years old when he decided to travel as a volunteer to the southern islands. On May 10, 1982, he was aboard the ship “Isla de los Estados” whose objective was to navigate the San Carlos Strait to deliver food, ammunition, and medicines to the 5th Regiment, in Puerto Yapeyú. However, his mission could not be completed due to a fierce attack by the British frigate alacrity. The ship was sailing in the dark so they could not see the attacking ship.

Of the 25 crew members on board, only 2 survived. Lopez’s body was initially thought to be lost at sea and his death was labeled “missing in action.” Today, after 41 years of the war against England, the remains could be identified, the family was notified.

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