The Río Tercero First Investigation Prosecutor’s Office, led by Prosecutor Paula Bruera, is investigating a homicide that occurred in the town of Villa Rumipal.

During the day yesterday, a call from workers alerted to the presence of a lifeless body in a construction site in Barrio Villa del Parque in the town of Cordoba. When police personnel arrived, they confirmed that a person’s body was lying at the scene. It was a person of legal age, and his body had multiple blows and signs of having been burned.

Police also found that some of the victim’s personal items were missing. Although no hypothesis is ruled out, the investigations are aimed at clarifying the fact.

The Investigating Prosecutor was set up at the scene and staff from the Córdoba Police Fire Department, the Investigation Brigade from the Calamuchita Departmental Regional Unit, from the Córdoba Police Homicide Division, and staff from the Investigation Directorate were commissioned. Operative and Scientific Cabinets, both of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Source: Public Prosecutor’s Office