Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero decided to initiate an internal investigation to determine if former Vice Foreign Minister Carlos Foradori got drunk in 2016, during an official meeting with British ambassadors in which issues related to the Malvinas were addressed.

The measure was ordered to try to determine possible breaches of the duties of a public official and the provisions established in the Organic Law of the Foreign Service of the Nation No. 20957 in the signing of the Foradori-Duncan agreement during the management of Susana Malcorra as chancellor of the former President Mauricio Macri.

The objective of the investigation is to determine the veracity of the expressions made by the former Minister of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Commonwealth of Nations for Europe and the Americas between 2016 and 2019, Alan Duncan, in his autobiographical book called “In the Thick of It”, which involves Foradori.

In his memoirs, Duncan recounts that on September 12, 2016 he met with the new ambassador of the United Kingdom in Argentina, Mark Kent, to seal what would later be known as the Foradori-Duncan Pact, in the book he mentions:

“Under the residence of the embassy there is a fabulous cellar, very well lit, with the walls fomerlot bottle rations,” Duncan wrote, continuing: “The setting is quite nice for a meeting and we met there with Carlos Foradori, the deputy foreign minister.”

“It was a good diplomatic backdrop for the delicate negotiations to ensure obtaining additional flights to the Falklands; for millions of reasons the cooperation of Argentina is required for any connection that passes through the mainland“, he recounted.

As bottle after bottle passed from the cellar wall to the table, the negotiations improved. At about 2 in the morning we shook hands with a general agreement”Duncan said.

The next day, September 13, Duncan wrote: “Mark Kent says that Foradori just phoned to say he was so drunk last night he couldn’t remember all the details. Like a true Briton, Mark reminded her of what he had agreed to, faithfully and without embellishment. So I think we’re still on the right track.“.

Source: NA