An unknown virus in Tucumán keeps the province’s health authorities on high alert after the death of a doctor and the hospitalization of four other professionals in intensive care.

Against the clock they seek to find the origin of this new infection that was already described as “aggressive” and that forced the isolation of the Luz Médica clinic, located in the center of the Tucuman capital.

Specialists have not yet been able to determine whether it is a virus or a bacterium, although the first investigations and the progress of the patients speak of it strongly attacking the respiratory tract and leading to severe bilateral pneumonia.

Some experts do not rule out leptospirosis, a disease caused by bacteria that can be present in the urine of rats and other animals.

“We have not yet found the etiology -origin- of the disease. We are not studying just a virus, but also a possible bacterium,” they said from the local Ministry of Health after the first death.

And they added: “At this time we first suspect covid and influenza, both influenza A and B; even hantavirus, but through investigation they have been ruled out,” they indicated from the department in charge of provincial official Luis Medina Ruiz.

They also noted that those affected suffer “respiratory symptoms” with symptoms such as: fever, cough, dyspnea, shortness of breath; flu-like illness.

“Scheduled shifts are suspended, teleconsultation will be activated in the specialties, the supply of pharmacy-related areas will be maintained only for interns, no shifts will be granted for scheduled surgeries and the accompaniment of patients will be restricted,” they detailed from the establishment.

Luz Médica, the private clinic where the first cases arose, is a union sanatorium that was installed by a union member in the 1990s.