From next Monday, August 8, and until the 21st of the same month, the Ministry of Culture of the Municipality of Córdoba will open the call for the Program “Support for carnival artistic groups”, for murgas, batucadas, comparsas, escolas, caporales and related.

This program aims to accompany and strengthen the artistic production of the characteristic groups of this genre, which have a high impact and participation in the popular culture of Cordoba. In this way, the call aims to recognize and articulate traditional artistic expressions such as carnival such as murgas, comparsas and batucadas, up to the most recent formations such as escolas, candombe strings and Bolivian dances, which little by little are gaining prominence on the scene. carnival of the city, linked to the neighborhoods and the active participation of the neighbors.

The support provides for up to 30 subsidies of $60,000 thousand pesos to be used in the purchase or repair of instruments, making or refurbishing costumes, incorporation of set elements, acquisition of makeup, and everything that allows improving the artistic proposal of the project.

Interested groups must register through the following form. Among the established requirements, it is necessary that the groups are previously registered in the Single Registry of Carnival Groups of the City of Córdoba, by clicking here.

To know the regulations enter this file: Bases and Conditions Support Carnival Artistic Groups