The Government and the pharmaceutical industry today reached an agreement so that during the next 60 days the prices of medicines are at least one point below the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of the previous month.

In addition, they agreed to implement the “Patients Care” program, which provides a 35% discount on the price of prescription drugs for those people who do not have social security or prepaid insurance.

This was announced by the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Health of the Nation, Sonia Tarragona, and the Secretary of Commerce, Martín Pollera, after a meeting led by President Alberto Fernández and pharmaceutical businessmen.

In this context, Tarragona stated that drug prices “will not be above inflation, but will remain one point below the CPI of the previous month.”

The meeting was also attended by the Secretary of Domestic Trade, Martín Pollera; the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Health, Sonia Tarragona; the president of COOPERALA, Marcelo Burstein; the president of CILFA, Eduardo Macchiavello; the president of CAPEMVeL, Alejandro Balladares; the president of FEFARA, Damián Sudano; the 1st Vice President of CAPGEN, Luciano Tombazzi; the treasurer of FACAF, Sandra Prieto, and the executive director of CAEMe, Carlos Escobar Herrán.