This Friday there will be a call in front of the Patio Olmos of the Cordovan center to make visible and generate concrete policies against animal abuse, in a new commemoration of Animal Day (April 29). It will be at 5:30 p.m.

The motto proposed by NGOs dedicated to the protection of animals is “There is nothing to celebrate.” The objective is to claim an active role on the part of the municipal, provincial and national State to solve the problems that afflict animals; as well as that the entire society becomes aware of these problems and becomes increasingly involved in the direction of their resolution.

The requests are:

  • • Reform of Law 14,346: – Distinction between acts of mistreatment and acts of cruelty. – Elevation of penalties. – Inclusion of assumptions not contemplated (abandonment, for example). – Effective prison. – Inclusion of fines and disqualifications.
  • • Prohibition of blood traction.
  • • Prohibition of horse riding.
  • • Prohibition of stables.
  • • Judgment and conviction of existing cases of animal abuse.
  • • Mass castrations of dogs and cats.
  • • Improve the quality of life of the animals that are in the Zoo and make their transfer to the corresponding sanctuaries effective.
  • • Promote education from an early age in all these aspects.

In the town of Villa Carlos Paz, a protest will also be held at 5:30 p.m. in the Plaza del Avión (in front of the municipal beach).

Contact: 3541371794

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