This Wednesday Tiziano Gravier will have to undergo surgery for a fissure in the front area of ​​​​the jaw. The young man had shown severe pain in the area, so he had to return to the Hospital Austral de Pilar where he had already been operated on at first, there an X-ray was performed and it ended up confirming his fissure.

In dialogue with Canal 3, Valeria Mazza confirmed the news: “They are going to put a titanium plate on it. This is an emotional setback for him, since he had been recovering and improving day by day. The operation will be carried out in the same Hospital that treated him at first.

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“My mom can’t stop crying and she also underwent surgery for breast cancer the days before the attack. For this reason, that weekend we organized to go to Rosario to celebrate our grandmother’s birthday, and unfortunately this happened. We naturalize the violence that we see and hear permanently. I always sympathize with the mothers, but when she touches you it is inexplicable, ”said the model, who was very distressed by the situation they are going through.

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