The Municipality of Córdoba, through the General Directorate of Cemeteries, invites you to participate in free guided tours that will last two hours and are aimed at tourists, neighbors, public and private institutions, neighborhood organizations and the university, secondary and educational community. primary.

On this occasion, next Saturday the 25th, two free guided tours will be held with different themes: One of them will be “Cordovan Reforms and Revolutions.” The first visit will be at 9 in the morning and will be repeated during the afternoon shift at 2:30 p.m.

In turn, the guided tour “Architecture. Civilizations of Antiquity” where they will talk about Art Nouveau, Art Decó, Egyptians and Mayans, at 11:00 and 15:00.

In addition, the cemetery offers 10 fixed tours, which vary weekly and depending on the month, tours are organized under a special theme. The tours have limited quotas and shifts must be previously requested by Whatsapp to the number: 351-537-6772, by mail: [email protected]or through the following web form.

The general public will be able to make these visits on Saturdays in two shifts; and on Sundays at 11 am, prior registration. Wednesdays are intended for visits from colleges, universities and institutions with advance registration.

The 10 themes offered by the San Jerónimo Cemetery: Tour of governors, mayors and figures of Cordovan political life, Circuit of outstanding women, Love and not so love stories in San Jerónimo, Historical Tour and Freemasonry, Tragic stories of personalities in the San Jerónimo, Cuarteto Circuit and popular music from Córdoba, Historical visit to the Cemetery of El Salvador, Stories of plaques and epitaphs, Architectural styles in pantheons and mausoleums and Guided visit to the Church of the San Jerónimo Cemetery.

All tours depart from the entrance hall of the cemetery, located on Calle Chutro 551, in the Alberdi neighborhood.