The reading of the sentence and the years in prison that Magdalena Espósito Valenti (25) and Abigail Páez (28) must serve for the murder and sexual abuse of Lucio Dupuy (5) will not take place this Monday the 13th.

The hearing court announced that this Monday, February 13, the appeals of the prosecutors, the private complaint and the defenders of the accused will be heard. That audience -which will begin at 8 a.m. and is scheduled to last four hours- will be reserved like all the oral trial that took place between November 10 and December 22, 2021.

Espósito, Lucio’s mother, and his girlfriend, Páez, were convicted of the crime of aggravated homicide. And while Páez was found guilty of outrageous sexual abuse, “Magui” was acquitted of that crime.

Prosecutor Verónica Ferrero and her colleagues Walter Martos and Marcos Sacco They will appeal the ruling and ask that the mother also be sentenced for outrageous sexual abuse. The plaintiff lawyer, José Mario Aguerrido, will also appeal that acquittal.

Another element of the plaintiff’s appeal (who represents Lucio’s father, Christián Dupuy) is the murder of the boy as a hate crime, due to his being a man.

The official defender Silvina Blanco, who represents Páez, will insist with her defensive arguments to question part of the autopsy of the doctor Juan Carlos Toulousse and frame the fact in a preterintentional homicide, in addition to requesting the acquittal of sexual abuse due to “reasonable doubt”. .

The defender Pablo de Biasi, on Esposito’s side, will request the acquittal of his client for the crime of aggravated homicide: He maintains that he was not there at the time of the attack that caused his death. He also considers that the fact should be framed in a case of gender violence (physical, psychological and economic) due to the alleged violence of the father Christian Dupuy towards the mother.

Lucio was murdered on Friday, November 26, 2021. He was beaten to death. Her stepmother left her home at Allan Kardec 2385 (in Santa Rosa, the capital of the Pampas) looking for help at 9:26 p.m. with the baby’s body on a litter. Some neighbors and a nurse performed CPR on him. And then they took him to a hospital. there a doctor certified death at 9:45 p.m.

The autopsy revealed that he was beaten to death. He burst his liver. They hit him with a stick and then he had the mark of a footprint: it was the sole of Abigail Páez’s shoe. They also punched him: his knuckles were marked on his face. The blows to his head caused his brain to swell.

On his neck he had burns made with a cigarette or the tip of an incense stick, revealed the sentence in the case.

The chats between the mother and the girlfriend revealed that since December 2020 the women mistreated Luciowhen I was 4 and a half years old. They beat him, and punished him with penances that were like torture.

In those chats, both admit that they wanted him to “disappear”: while the mother complained about the blows that Páez gave Lucio, the girlfriend reproached him that the mother wanted to kill him.

This Monday the 13th, at the oral trial hearing, Judge Alejandra Ongaro (President of the Court) and Judges Daniel Sáez Zamora and Andrés Olié They will hear the appeals and set the day for the sentence to be read. that Lucio’s mother and his girlfriend must comply with.

Espósito Valenti and Abigail Páez face life imprisonment. This implies a sentence with a minimum of 35 years. But if the two have different sentences (if the acquittal of the outrageous sexual abuse of Lucio’s mother is upheld), the court will set different sentences.

In the routine of the pampas criminal courts, the sentence is set one week after the hearing of the request. But next Monday, February 20, is the carnival holiday, so the oral court will announce on Monday the 13th the date of the hearing in which the sentence that Magdalena and Abigail must serve for the crimes committed against Lucio Dupuy will be known. .

Source: Clarin