The Secretary of the Environment, dependent on the Ministry of Coordination, launched the Program of Sustainable Actions for the Industry. The purpose of the project is to promote the circular economy in the environmental and energy management of small, medium and large companies from different industrial sectors in the province of Córdoba.

The initiative includes the development of environmental and energy diagnoses; personalized technical and legal advice to industries; the promotion and implementation of good environmental and energy practices. In turn, it is planned to accompany industries with green credits that enable access to infrastructure, technology and machinery.

The program is financed by the Federal Investment Council (CFI), intended to meet working capital costs or make investments in capital goods, such as machinery, tools, technology, equipment and infrastructure.

The initiative launched today is a continuation of the Program of Sustainable Actions for Establishments of Intensive Animal Breeding and Production Systems (Sicpa) presented last December, which obtained important results: 107 intensive animal breeding establishments participated; 51 environmental managers carried out an environmental diagnosis of each establishment and drew up more than 2,400 improvement proposals to optimize resources and reduce environmental impact.

Source: Cba Press