The mythical Art Deco was the stage, where a hundred people participated in the launch of a new political space in our province. We speak of “New Generation” a space that aims to be an open space, with clear concepts, where personalisms do not reign, where young people have a fundamental role, as stated in the genesis of the name chosen for this new expression and that invites to join all those who feel that a new way of doing politics to really transform realities is possible.

The foundations of this space are based on the principles of respect and defense of: The national constitution, the environment, excellent education, a modern and independent judiciary, citizen security, a quality public health system, adequacy labor laws, among others. The members of Nueva Generación maintain that the only way to generate genuine change is to participate and create solid technical teams, but fundamentally to get involved in order to achieve true transformations.

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At the beginning of the meeting, Diego Ferreyra thanked the public present for their presence and said: “I welcome you and feel immensely grateful that you are present on this very special day. Today we are together starting a seed of a new political expression called “new generation”. We are a new expression of united voices, which express and feel, what the citizen needs and that he does not find in that political space that today does not represent him”.

Then it was Martín D’Ottavio who addressed his message to the audience and stated: “For some time now, when it comes to electing our representatives, Argentine citizens have not found political coherence between what was promised and what they actually manage when they are elected. No one can deny that we are in the presence of a political, economic and social crisis which has brought about a decrease in the current leadership and the urgent need to reverse this discouraging scenario”.

And I add: “We are a broad expression that wants to transfer the invention of the crack that only benefits the parties involved in the distribution of power, while ordinary society suffers daily from the constant deterioration of its quality of life, its expectations of progress and its concrete possibilities of achieving the happiness of being as some Greek philosopher once described“.

Who are part of New Generation?

Martín D’Ottavio, Diego Ferreyra, Érica Gimenez, Amanda Carrara, Claudio Cisneros, Christian Tapia, Víctor Boisseau, Carlos Córdoba, Sergio Piedra, Miriam Caballero, Sergio Boarotto, Cristián Moreno, Jerónimo Colazo, Leonardo Sánchez, Nora Inostroza, Christian Inostroza, Christian Lopez, Laura Ñañez, Gabriel Pereyra, Javier Napoli.