The deputy of Together We Are Río Negro Luis Di Giácomo presented a project that proposes the elimination of the Primaries, Open, Simultaneous and Obligatory (PASO), in order to “save” 22,500 million pesos. The text bears the signatures of the four deputies of the United Provinces interbloc, led by Di Giacomo, and also made up of Agustín Domingo, Diego Sartori and Carlos Fernández.

After several months of public discussion, the elimination of the PASOs now reaches Congress in the form of a project and will depend on the political will of the ruling party if it is mobilized in the commissions.

This Wednesday, President Alberto Fernández said that he is in favor of the primaries and also that he is willing to compete in an eventual PASO of the Frente de Todos.

However, some governors are seeking an electoral reform for next year and this week Máximo Kirchner was open to a discussion of the repeal of the primaries that were sanctioned during Cristina Kirchner’s term as President.

Meanwhile, Together for Change has already anticipated that it will not accompany an elimination of the PASO and ratified this position this Wednesday in the voice of the president of the Radical Civic Union bloc, Mario Negri.