The Secretary of the Environment, dependent on the Ministry of Coordination, officially launched the hazardous waste management platform. In this way, the generators, operators and carriers of this type of waste will be able to carry out all their procedures 100% online through Ciudadano Digital.

Digitization through the platform (CiDi) allows the Environment portfolio to monitor the entire process of operations with hazardous waste from the beginning to its final disposal. To the actors in the process – generators, carriers, operators – through a single manifest, it offers them the possibility of acting and continuously monitoring the status of their requests.

To carry out the procedure, those interested must enter Digital Citizen with their username and password, in the search engine place the service “Hazardous Waste” and follow the steps indicated by the platform.

When is waste considered hazardous?

When “it can cause damage, directly or indirectly, to living beings or contaminate the soil, water, atmosphere or the environment in general”. Oils from car workshops; chemicals, paints, solvents; waste from veterinary, medical, dental offices, fall into this category of waste.