The Tango D10S, a plane that honors soccer star Diego Maradona and will fly to the World Cup in Qatar, was presented this Wednesday in the province of Buenos Aires. The former defender of the Argentine national team Juan Pablo Sorín was the driver of the event in which this private plane of a business group was presented. The aircraft also functions as a traveling museum and will tour the world.

The presentation was held at the Morón Airport and also included the participation of the journalist Agustina Casanova. The plane was intervened by the plastic artist Maximiliano Bagnasco and has an image of Maradona painted kissing the World Cup that Argentina won in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.

The Tango D10S incorporates images that penetrated the retina of Argentines, such as the soccer star kissing the cup and a profile seen from behind singing the anthem.

“We didn’t want it to be a plot, but a work of art. The idea came to me thanks to the Diego fans and in a week of work, together with my assistant, we managed to finish this plane with a satisfactory result,” Bagnasco said in dialogue with Diario Olé’s Twitch platform.

The launch event was attended by Maradona’s teammates who won that World Cup, such as Sergio ‘Checho’ Batista, who also managed the Argentine team, and Ricardo Bochini.